Depths Of A Loving Soul

Society has diluted the beauty of falling in love. It is becoming a cliche,instead of the marvel it ought to be. To be emotionally attached to someone today simply means they are glittering by shape, colour and pocket. Hmm…you think you agree with me?…Perhaps we too breed these very traits inside us, only that they are hidden. Asked what sort of a person your ideal partner would be,your mouth will confess many things that do not configure with your heart, or at least on a number of things. But what is it exactly to fall in love?

I assume that a good majority of us have had relationships. We have fallen in love in our own words. We cherished people who sometimes hurt us and whom we hurt sometimes. It happens. But sooner or later, the steam of attachment evaporated with every argument that came calling. So love died..or so we say. Feelings of overwhelming bitterness ensue, regrets, and tall days. Heart break rains. And after that, some take time to heal, some forget about it and move on quickly. Humans are that different.

But what troubles me is the fact that falling in love has been modernized into an empty facade. We are now falling in love and lust all inclusive. I know that’s arguable as they seem not to be able to co-exist. The perception of beauty in man today dictates whom he falls in love with. So much emphasis is rooted in the social status of a person, their body shape and features than the ability of their heart to love in truthfulness. And then we complain to ourselves that our relationships don’t last. Or perhaps we even don’t take time to study our life patterns.

I bet a good bunch of us love because of what we have seen from the outside. We are hasty in committing our hearts to people we barely know very well. Little time is invested in getting to know someone in depth before deciding whether they are good for us or otherwise. So when the challenges of personality begin to show up, we throw in the towel and begin searching for something else we can temporarily cope with. Aren’t these words a mirror to us all?

A loving soul searches for originality in a person’s personality, not the glitter in the face, nor the sweet sight of the back. A loving soul takes its time to understand and maturely figure out the seriousness of getting into a relationship, and with whom, and why. Not that we should fear meeting new people, but it is fundamental to keep in mind that however we fall in love, let it be out of something true, a feeling from deep within, and that no deformities that lie above one’s skin should influence the way we feel for other people in regard to negativity.

I tell you this because I have seen. Not that it makes me perfect but leaves me with something I can share with you. For those who are in love, ask yourselves why you love your partner, and do you really love them anyway? Are you in a relationship because you eat from it or is it because it makes your heart grow big? In how we handle our arguments and confrontations, do we act like we are really in love? And when we fall in love, is it only so in the beginning and then normal life resumes, or do we fall in love everyday with our partners? And do we involve God in our relationships?

It’s time you and I do a conscious self evaluation,tour our conscience and mark our walk line.We are to live to break people’s hurts,not to break people’s hearts.

Post Author: Rixpoet

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      great. I’ve tweeted you guys. Thank you so much 🙂

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