Be good, life Is Short.

Don’t wait for someone to die to say sweet things on their graves.Cherish those who love you for you won’t be with them forever.It is okay to be angry but let not your anger hurt anyone.Be sorry when you wrong people and be bold enough to accept your mistakes and to be corrected.

Life would be a lot better if men would know when to use their ego,because they can’t live without it.Your enemies should make you a better person.Use them to better yourself.So don’t hate them because you need them to know your abilities.

Trust in God all the days of your life.Today you are strong in faith,tomorrow you shall be weak,but never lose trust in God.Be thankful for whatever happens to you.Not everything happens with a reason,some happen out of a reason.

Be a true friend.Someday you will pay for blackmail.Don’t trust everybody too fast.Some people look like angels but have no pinch of goodness in them.

Do not like quarrelling.If you have to argue with someone,do so intelligently.Know how to control your tongue.Whatever you say could close you many doors or open you many opportunities.Never fight anyone regardless of how angry you are.Let your anger respect you,not vice versa.

Love people.If you do not open up in the world of the living,you can never do so in the world of the dead.You don’t know how long you’re left to live.Death is no more a phenomenon today.People die everyday like animals and birds.So respect life,you won’t have it for as long as you want.

Do not keep grudges in your heart.Living a bitter life makes you so unproductive.Learn to let go of things,especially when you feel you have been wronged.Of course,you’re not superhuman to forgive and completely forget,but always do your best.

Befriend your neighbours.They will help you cease out the fire the day your house burns.

Do not despise people when you are rich.You don’t know what will happen at sunset.

Be simple.Being complicated only makes life too hard for you.

There are many things I have to say,but for now,be good.Life is short.

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  • thecommunications

    (March 8, 2012 - 9:07 pm)

    Interesting and good points, some we often forget 🙂

    • Rixpoet

      (March 8, 2012 - 9:28 pm)

      indeed. Thank you for taking your time to appreciate.

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