Life Teachings

Do not love people today and take them for granted tomorrow.A lot of us do that.Learn how to compromise when things don’t go your way.It is not healthy to always look at things in one way.After all,be sure that you will not always be right.

Know how to control your jealousy.You are bound to cause disaster if you let it control you.It is important to appreciate people.Do not pleasure in having a hard heart,you will die young.Forgive someone when they ask for your forgiveness.You don’t have to be mean with kindness.

Learn to listen.Understanding is higher when you keep quiet to digest what people say than to show them that you already know,yet you might be wrong.Do not like deeds that hurt people.One day what you plan for others will be planned unto you.Choose your friends wisely.Some people are in your life only to take away the good things that you have.

Help where you can,but only with good motives.Do not be in a hurry to be successful,you will fall before you get there or not enjoy it for a long time when you achieve success.

It is good to work with people.Doing things on your own cannot bring out the best in you.Do not brag about your talents.You don’t know when you won’t be able to do something as great as you used to.Make people feel that they are important,just like you would like others to make you feel the same.Before you blame someone for doing somethhng,put yourself in their shoes and walk a mile or two to know how it feels to be where they are.If they were truly wrong,condemn them with a good heart and help them understand their mistake.Of course not everyone will understand you,or sometimes your anger may overcome you.Conquer that anger first before dealing with the situation.

Take heart when you face hard times.People who overcome them with great faith become great.

We shall continue another time…with Life Teachings.

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