The tears in your eyes are hidden

They flow

Like sin forbidden

The look in your eyes says it

Pain is heathen

I’d take forever

To quench the heat end




I know my words

My words will never be enough

Enough to show

These cascades of love

That flow

Like waterfalls from heaven above



I know your heart will laugh

Laugh because maybe

Maybe am not good enough

For the rough turf

The sleeping mirth

That has become your heart


I look at you

Ridden helplessly on a hill

Love is no longer your thrill

How much I cherish thee still

How much I wish

Your will will will

That as the rain comes down

My charm would be

Your home to heal


Tell me something, Eve

Can I hear you utter

Even just touch my hands

If that is all that would matter

Your muteness leaves me tattered

You shut

I get shattered

But you still at me smile

Ohw, how I get flattered


Right now my heart thrives

In an ambience of disaster

Drenching like an amateur lover

If you would just talk to me, Eve

If you would just talk to me

Coz I hate to see you like this
















Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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