In The Now

I do not know about tomorrow
Because I do not have it in my palms
Life is like a song of psalms
The sun might shine
Or it may rain
But the time that is now
Is all I can proclaim

The past is full of wounds
Dried tears and swollen thoughts
Pain and wisdom I really got
To go back I really want not
This is my moment
My time to join life’s dots
My air to grab laughters of all sorts
Forfend my forfeits
Water my growing dreams
So they can live
To build me more baits

Am not afraid to fly
I will soar high
To face my fears
To the fullest live my life
Let death come
And find me in the now
When my brows will bow
To the lives I changed
And the hearts I touched

In the now
By the sands
Of life’s seashores I sprout
Standing beyond doubt
Only what I do now counts
For my time is running out
In the now
In the now
This is what am all about

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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