Out Of My Clothes

Love slips away without caution

Even when am naked

This nature of distortion

A thousand times I dreaded

Everything around me has paled

Feel like a stranger on sale

Clothes I bought to fit my ego

Now am flying down

Faster than an eagle

Torn rags dragging me into frowns

My tears make me look like a clown


The suits suit me no more

A dry lip, salty water from my brow

I don’t believe in faith

No, not now

Not after I was hung as bait

Drunk as wine down broken spines

Comrades turned spikes

Out of my clothes I run

Adrift to shift my pain to the sun


This be the tide that breaks my pride

I’d rather face the world naked

With nothing to hide

Than die forsaken

Maybe I’d find a worthy cloth

Spotted but unspoken

To render my heart spotless

From clothings rotten

Am running out

Rioting out of my clothes

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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