Miss Deputy Chief Justice Misjudged?

Miss Rebecca Kerubo spoke with a lot of sorrow, her eyes welled with tears. Perhaps bewildered by all the attention she was suddenly receiving from enthusiastic journalists who wanted her account of the Village Market gun saga that has rocked her young life in the line of duty. It is evident, she never knew who the country’s Deputy Chief Justice was until she met her in bizarre circumstances the other day. She must have been scared as she remembered how her dad, a former security guard, also died in the line of duty after being shot dead. She has since resigned from the job.

What intrigues me most is the fact that, according to the story, Miss Nancy Baraza refused to be frisked when she was making her way into the mall. She obviously did not see the use as she is a senior government official. She has the right to pass anywhere and everywhere she wants without being questioned. That is the Kenya we are used to. It’s disturbing that even with the new dispensation, our top officials still act in that old mindset.

But the media also knows how to report delicate matters. They will use all the creative words to cause unnecessary tension to the nation. No one who is reporting this story was at the scene when this saga was unfolding. Miss Baraza denies brandishing a gun towards the humble Kerubo. Kerubo on the other side even gives an account of how the Deputy CJ pinched her nose telling her to know senior people. Whoever is saying the truth, we honestly cannot know. The problem with us Kenyans, we believe in everything we hear from our reporters. We are not independent thinkers.

What if this lady is creating a bigger scene just to extort money from Baraza? Not to say that that is the case but we need to develop a culture of questioning everything we hear, not just falling into any wave that comes in the news and we begin pointing fingers yet we do not have the truth.

As a Kenyan citizen, this incident is very hurting, even more considering the fact that Miss Baraza’s seat is yet to get warm as she has barely stayed in that office for six months. This sort of drama is shameful for a person her caliber. Our leaders should know that they are our servants. They are there because of us. That therefore calls for utmost humility and love when they meet us out there. She would have done the noblest thing to just let the security guard do her job. Nothing was going to happen. After all, everyone going into the mall went through the same process. I want to believe that we are all equal in Kenya. At least that’s what the constitution says.

Miss Baraza cited that she has had security threats recently. Whether that is what prompted her to go back to her car and bring a gun along to scare the harmless Kerubo as alleged, we cannot tell. But what we do know is that you cannot utterly trust an individual you have cleared to enter office no matter how much you have vetted them because sooner or later, they will show you just how much human they can be, and not in a good way for that matter.

She terms the saga as unfortunate. Indeed it is, but the intensity of this matter is a national concern. She is powerful, and in the Kenya we live in, we cannot expect impartial investigations to be held against her. Just maybe.  The system is too corrupt. They will want to protect her. It’s all politics. The judiciary wants us to have faith in them, but if their top officials are involved in incidences of misuse of power, then who are we to turn our faith to?

Kenyans are watching with a keen eye how the Chief Justice himself, Willy Mutunga, will handle this matter. How the rest of the story is going to unravel, we can only keep guessing. All that Kenyans want is JUSTICE!!!

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  • Ghafla!Guy

    (January 9, 2012 - 4:35 pm)

    The Kenya we live in I tell you, but like you said let us see how the CJ will play this one.

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  • Praxidus

    (February 9, 2012 - 10:01 pm)

    Great piece!The media hyped the whole thing kama kawaida.The truth wl come out.Check out this post:{http://ogeezone.blogspot.com/2012/01/nancy-barazakenyan-societys-sacrificial_30.html}

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