Won’t You…

Won’t you give me a rebirth
Talk to my ravaged soul
Trodding along a murky path
Won’t you tap my back
Lack me sorrow and wish me luck

Won’t you be a true friend
Stab me not in the back
Now till the end
In stress when am stuck

Won’t you let me trust
A heart for once
Make my fraility be a beauty crust
Love from a distance

Won’t you feel this void
Fill the whole hole in my heart
Erase me the paranoid
That tears me apart

Won’t you listen to my whispers
Crying out loud
From death whiskers
Fearfully proud

Won’t you hearken to the sound
Of my silent say
A sad heavy pound
A breath in decay

Won’t you cry with me
Help me fight this fear
That makes me be
The city’s taunting jeer

I want a better day

I want you

Won’t you?

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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