Like A Well

With a keen eye
Sunrays hit the bottom ocean
With a sweet quotient
Portions of melodious tonations
Spread far
Reaching her riching heart
Like a cooling spa
Past wretched dates spark
Her hidden emotions
Which lay dusty
Deep,like a well
In her romantic affinity
The Purple Ocean
Lies bare
Bearing the pain of loving
Loving in trueness
Hope does not die
Hers never stops to live

She travels
Far and wide
Deep,like a well
In search of peace
She sings in sighing felony
A soul ebony
Trustful but unknown
Deep,like a well
Her eyes tell
Tales of broad spells
Loaded with mirth
And painful scath

She lives in a big world
Hidden deep
Like a well
Her treasures invisible
To the hollow eyed
She wants depth
Not tonnes of shallow breath
You will know her
When it is purple night
For that is when you see
Her purple light
My sweet poet

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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