Break Up Tales

Fall out premonition
Dreaming at lust
Staring at hurt
At last

So we swim handy
Acting the anger
Like walking
With ants in the nose
An air so hoarse
Discomfort prose
The thorn in the rose

See us mingle
In the lustre
Of getting back to single
The season sprinkles
Bad blood
Such a twinkle
Bluntly blurred
Stirred in the salty sludge
Of sweet nothings

I am too sure
Yet I aren’t
So we dine
In this pounding sigh

So we whine
Whilst singing dirges
Of unfulfilled pledges
Spoilt fashion
Soul concussion
Fallen dreams
Conflicting versions
Of the break up tale
Tells you will tell
When the end is here

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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