Dating Dilemma In The Offing…

The news of my grandpa’s death hit me hard. Am still struggling to come into terms with his demise. That’s just how Sunday morning begun, with that sad news, after a superb family function at home that saw us share rare merry moments with my friends and family. Cancer has robbed me of a man I grew to be close to, a man who believed in me and always pushed me to go for my dreams, a man I shall live to miss.

That aside, I opened my heart to Eve over my feelings for her. She went speechless. Okay, it was via her Facebook inbox, and that’s how she replied. I don’t know how she really took it since girls rarely show what they really feel..okay, good girls for that matter. She seems warm to me, but I can’t use that to conclude that she likes me too.

I thought maybe it was just the right time to do it. We aren’t growing any younger, are we? Though I struggled with my inner self to do that. My ego wanted to wait a bit longer so I could study her, perhaps she would open up first. Eve, is sadly not that type. She will close her thoughts to the last day the sun shines in the world.

Asenath and I became friends more than five months ago now. We have never really met, but she knows most of my high school friends as her ex was my long distance buddy those days. Facebook did the magic. We talk a lot over the phone and lately, we have been getting rather cosy. She seems to want more of me..I feel it every time we talk. We are scheduled to meet as soon as I get from grandpa’s burial. That’s about two weeks to come. At least her online photos gave me a picture of how she looks like, but that’s not really my area of specialization. We have this smooth chemistry. It’s just natural.

We talk for hours over the phone, taking insights into each other’s lives. If I was to have a girlfriend now, I wouldn’t mind making her the one. But my first choice would be Eve. If only she knew how highly I place her. She seems to take things easy while am burning up inside. Let’s see how much my ego holds on even though am never really in a hurry. She keeps me guessing too much. I just like it when someone tells you what is in their mind so we can move on with life. Things are better that way instead of being kept waiting and anticipating for disappointment.

Meanwhile, Gloria(my ex) is slowly creeping back into my life. She’s been concerned about me lately more than she had been a few months after our break up. I don’t know what exactly that means, but we are just friends…so far. But at least she gives me the attention I’ve been missing for a while. Am just not sure whether going back to her will be the best of decisions. But… I think I can give her another chance. I would.

Today I woke up and I told myself that am through with the chasing game. How true that is, only time will tell.


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