Eve Dinner

Good things surely happen to people…but they do not come easy. Does it sound weird when a man talks about relationships? We too are social beings. We too got feelings to air.

Eve sent me a text message last night…she was in tears. I couldn’t understand why. She sounded like she’s regretting something. And yes, I was right. She was tired of holding onto something that could not be held, hoping against hope. That surprised me.

All along I had been thinking there was no man in her life. I wondered why she was even telling me that. Do I mean that much to her that she could remember me in her time of distress? What does it mean when a girl does that to you?

I tried to console her however much she was not in a position to tell me what had really happened, but from the little she explained, I got to fathom that some guy had lied to her yet she expected to have a little something with him. Whoever that is, am gonna get the story one day.

Today, fate landed me in town. She gets to town late in the evening and that’s the exact time I was coming to town. We met. It’s always an elation to see her. She dresses smartly. Her smile…she’s the sort of lady I would dedicate a poem like ‘Purple Reign’  in my poetry blog www.thedeepwords.wordpress.com.

We headed to a restaurant where we had dinner and had a few light moments. We always laugh when we’re together. It’s always good to see her happy, though I know that she really isn’t deep inside her. I would like to be the change she needs, but it’s so hard to know what goes on in a girl’s mind, and especially in Eve’s mind.

I tried to use my little wisdom to make her understand why people hurt people. She sure listens to me. The only thing I don’t know is what tomorrow holds for both of us, but am always thankful for her time.

When time reached to part, I escorted her to where she takes her bus home, made it clear to her that I would want more of such meetings. However she interpreted that, I know the message got home. Now to see what’s next.

And by the way, Gloria, my ex, is back to my inbox…that is for another time.

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0 thoughts on “Eve Dinner

  • Oliver Brian

    (November 30, 2011 - 10:03 pm)

    That was way too real but sad. Mixed reactions from me. Men have feelings too, we aint no Beasts. You did a noble job Man.

    • Ricwriter

      (December 1, 2011 - 6:29 pm)

      yeah, Brian. Hard to go through some things…a man’s world is just a mystery.

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