A Date With The Girls

So Asenath took Jane and I out for some coffee at a sizzling restaurant in the Central Business District. It had been a long time since we had last been together the three of us, but I had been with Jane just a week before. The two had barely set eyes on each other for close to two years.

The bond we created while working for the News Agency Club in Bugema School,Uganda, is too strong to be broken. Asenath served as the secretary, Jane as the club coordinator and I was the club’s editor-in-chief. So they probably had to do most of the talking as they did some catching up.

They are both offering a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication, so I carried them some books they might need in the course of the units they are currently doing in campus.

I learn a lot when am around girls. Just to imagine how important relationships are to them, they chatted out how so and so fell out with their boyfriend or girlfriend, how marriage is just a miracle and so on. While Jane sited that she likes committing, Asenath was of the contrary opinion that committing exposes you to possible heartbreak. Clearly, love means different things to girls, but as I kept my ears glued to their talk, my mind wandered away, thinking about what Eve takes me for.

She confessed to me that she is cold, ever since her last relationship hit the rocks. She just cannot find herself falling in love with someone, despite the fact that she misses that feeling. I like her. I want to know more about her, but it’s just difficult to know what goes on in her mind. She tells me about her family and stuff. She’s pretty, and I know many men hit her inbox like crazy. But she shows me that she’s wise. The only thing I don’t know is whether she’s also taking her time to know me or am just a push over.

Jane called me back to reality. I was taking my second cup of coffee. They asked me about my ex. Thank God Fred, Asenath’s wooer, came in as I was struggling to recount my break up with Gloria. Some things are just hard to bare even after you think you’ve healed. Fred added us two more cups of coffee. It was my first time to drink coffee that much simultaneously. Our stories quite took another turn when he came.

Meanwhile, I was chatting with Eve. Apparently, she and Jane were primary school buddies, and they haven’t met in a long time. So I told her that Jane wants them to meet up while in the real sense, I wanted to use that as an opportunity to see her. She always comes when I ask her to. She actually traced where we were.

There’s this thing I always feel whenever we hug. I took them to uptown. Asenath had already left with Fred. So there they stood looking at me. They were super gorgeous. I just thanked them for the role they play in my life, before we begun another walk into town. Bidding Eve goodbye has always been hard as was the case this time. But Jane and I still had unfinished business.

She took me to this place she used to work before where she had left her laptop. We headed to the supermarket where she did some shopping while I pushed her the trolley. It was fun. Learnt a lot of things. Meeting Gladwell, Jane’s friend, was next, and the three of us went to buy some chicken for a friend of theirs who is heavy with child.

I bid them bye at around 8pm, feeling refreshed and peaceful. Staying around girls teaches you a lot about them. Am actually using what I get from that to reach out to Eve.

The next day I was in bed for the whole day …sleeping. That coffee must have made me drunk.

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