When Someday You Have A Family

We are young now. Even the thought of being a father or mother someday seems a far away imagination. True, but that does not make us immune from thinking about what sort of families we would like to nurture in the future. It goes without mention that each of us would love to have a beautiful family in a beautiful home with a beautiful life. The world has changed. It still is. We live in times when a gay marriage is so acceptable in some quotas and fora, and homosexuals swimming in protests for their rights. The beauty of having a family haplessly and helplessly fading away, away with the good things that made it wonderful to be part of one: the great fathers, the exemplary mothers, the lovely siblings, and so on. Not to insinuate that all these do not exist anymore. No, in fact, they will never be extinct. But the alarming rate at which divorce is happening and sibling rivalry extending to adulthood with brothers and sisters killing each other for fame, money and love, you will certainly get scared.

We are grappling with infidelity, parents exchanging blows in front of their children, fathers sexually assaulting their own daughters, shameful acts that embarrass you. Is that supposed to mean that it is not worth it to marry in this age? Perhaps Apostle Paul knew this would come when he preferred celibacy to the masses. If you have witnessed these things, you will want to believe that the latter statement is utterly true.

But I believe in family. I believe that the world could end while we have become great husbands and wives, super fathers and mothers. Really, it is a matter of personal choice. They don’t teach us much about marriage like they used to do it to young people in the olden days. Most of us even find ourselves in matrimony with unprepared wills, therefore ending up being pathetic partners to our spouses. Sometimes our families are to blame, for how they raised us and everything. Sometimes it’s simply society, with all the drama going on. But most of the time, it’s we. It will always come down to the person. Me. You. Us.

I would want to have kids someday, hear my son(s) and/or daughter(s) proudly call me the best father in the world. I would want to be the best husband there ever lived, and raise a family that embraces the Love of God. I mustn’t be rich to achieve this. It is a matter of will. We all want good things out of life, but it’s unfortunate that most of us never want to work for them. Sitting and waiting to receive has become the common feature in relationships nowadays. The future is pale if this trend remains persistent.

I know there are people out there who still believe in family like I do. I know there are people out there who understand what am trying to say. Please, to all of us reading this, when you’ll have a family someday, make them your first priority. Give them your all. Be a loving husband or wife. Be human enough to discipline your children in a manner that will not harm them. Let love and respect conquer fear in your home. Hard times are part of us, but never argue in front of your children. It destroys their everything. Never fight or use insulting words when angry. Problems are best solved when we talk them out maturely. Treat your spouse like you treated them before you married. Make them feel sweet always, for as long as you guys will stay together alive. Accept your mistakes as you will never be perfect, and be open to criticism. It’s the only way you can ever be a better person.

Listen to your children. Create time for them. I know we have busy lives, but there is no use of bearing children if you can never be there for them. They should know most things in life from you, and not the world. Be consistent. Remember what you take so many years to build can tumble with a single mess, no matter how much you were good in the past. Trust is hard to gain back once it’s broken. Go to church together. Pray. Have regular family meetings to check on the growth and progress of each member. Be faithful! Life will be more fulfilling. Last but not least, try.

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  • Ghafla!Guy

    (November 1, 2011 - 5:52 pm)

    The parenting handbook 101

  • Rixpoet

    (February 9, 2012 - 2:20 am)

    You can say that again…

  • dianaratemo

    (January 31, 2013 - 9:53 pm)

    I love your writing! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Rixpoet

      (January 31, 2013 - 10:19 pm)

      Many thanks, Diana. I shall. Kindly be a regular visitor. 🙂

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