Kenyan Child

I come from a world
Driven by prejudice
Where tribes build bridges
Peace shred into pieces
My only malice
Was to be a Kenyan child
And there they made me blind
Only pain that reigns me inside
Tell me to hope again

What about the tears my mama cried?
Times that broke our ties
The masonry of war tools
Fallen rules
And we ran
Losing our legs and shoes
This country is whose
I saw blood flow like ocean waters
Swore never to forgive the perpetrators
Oh it hurts but I was wrong

I miss my neighbours
They left my family lifeless
Dozens of bloody messes
They left me without a heart
Until I could feel no more hurt
But I miss them nevertheless
Even in this touchless stress
And so I have to look for them
Shake their hands in a peace emblem
Then I will hope again
That time will heal my pain

I know I will cry for long
But in hatred I don’t belong
Behind the past I leave
To live
I must forgive
Hard as it may be
My hope shall not be bereaved
I want PEACE
I want a future full of bliss
I want change
Whatever it is
But a better Kenya I please
I will hope again   

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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