Freedom never calls for Redemption
It’s free
True life a fusion
Of hurt and love confusion
Whoever discovered
The world a round mansion
Changed loads of distortion
Blood is a bad man’s honey
Honesty is barred from being blurred
Eating from stolen charities
Lost moralities

Did we ever fall in love?
Or was it
Just an escape from singlehood?
Why do love hearts have to part
Grow to be strangers
So distant as such
Tokens of one night stands
Fall and fail

Wail from the hills
Sing in circles
There is more to life than trouble
More to music than treble
More to fear than the tremble
Purity is chaste
I wonder why deceit is chased
Don’t have to mask
In acceptance to bask
They made it man’s upheaval
The evil
Shining falsehood
All circles

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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