Let Me Know

When the sun sets without a warning
Darkness ruling the morning
The ugly dew of pain dawning
Unmasking hidden truths
But let me know why
Love laces tie, hard
Why being good brings bad
Even when I try to understand

Let me know why times sore
Whenever high you want to soar
You don’t lie to the people who love you
Why milk turns sour
Before its time
Just what did love do to women?
Let me know, let me know
Why passion dies infant
Lovelessness too instant
Confusion draining down the jaw
And I wasn’t even ready to let go

Let me know
When love will come back
To reality
Touch me in jollity
And hold me till forever comes
So I won’t cry again
Rivers of untold pain
The truth sets us free
Whether we lose or gain
But love makes us insane  

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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