Purple Ocean

The tides roll strongly

Disturbing the tormented waters

Of a once peaceful core

With a haunted shore

Confronted, pink air

Acid rain in the Purple Ocean

A soul that seeks

A sunshine in the distant clouds

A passion, lost

Spinning around

Little flashes of soulful lights

The long empty nights

Paraded by distrustful mights

Painful heart bites

The darkness is deep

Stark in hips

Stuck on the lips

Of this gorgeous beau

The Purple Ocean

Drunk in subsequent angers

It’s love her heart hungers

She is life

Broken into pieces

Of distorted peace


A benevolence of deepened emotions

Lost in her own world

Trust bald

The waters are bold

With a big heart untold

There could be so much more

Than a wild-fire

Springing up

In the middle of Purple Ocean

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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