Until Am Ready

I cannot sprout
See the world out
In my innocence
Drive life with doubts
The world is a hard farm
Full of men so proud
Until am ready
Let me fool in my childhood
Till vitamins ripen my frame
Emotions are vices I want to tame
Go spree your happiness
Broad chest on fallen quests
Conquer me
After you conquer yourself
Then my love you shall shelf

Until am ready
Let me die in my full dress
Read my books with no regrets
So my life can never regress
I, the ghetto princess
It is you, man, I address
No thigh to lock your one door nest
It’s never sweet
When you taste it with no test
No skin to caress
For I am not an experiment
Don’t resemble a burette

My womanhood is golden
Why leave
My precious femininity hurt and swollen?
If love looks like you
Then both of you are rodents
Until am ready
Forget that I have eggs
Holes to shamelessly poke
With your middle leg
Ohw, that pole
Let me be me
If you love me you would be real
You would leave me until
Until am ready    

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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