Achamin, Chamanenyun

Pardon me for my heart’s illiteracy
Love has no school
I cannot play truancy
I am jinxed
By a mast called trust
But I must
Engage myself in deep expression

Deliberate me
Into your liberating highs
Till I shan’t be an escapee
Of your webbed anatomy
Love not a laugh
For these feelings proliferate
Through my escalating escapades
I am the tree
That love draws its shade
A sweet tall humble lemonade
Oh Achamin

Heaven can only grant me
Your passionate portions
Deemed a doomed hell’s iniquity
Hidden purities
I am a settler in your farm
Sowing deep seeds firm
Only that I thirst
To quench you
Of your heavy burdens
So you can dream again
And lack in sadness
Only that I sip in dreams
The drink that is your soul
Achamin, Chamanenyun

Rest your shadow upon mine
Till our souls intertwine
And cry in my laps
So I can embrace
Your cheeks with my lips
I have only this one truth heart
I know truth hurts
But this is the true berth
In your arms I get my true birth
You are my definition of ‘hera’
Koro tera
To your land of goodness
Achamin, Chamanenyun

*’Achamin, Chamanenyun’ is a Kalenjin phrase that means, ‘I love you, My Love’.

*’Jaber’ is the Luo name for ‘beautiful girl’.

*’Hera’ is the Luo name for ‘Love’

*’Koro tera’ is a Luo phrase that means, ‘So take me…’

*The rest is English…:-P

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