Cold Delight

It took me time
Even to make it upon me
Even to see your heart
Dangling in the sky
Dancing to a lonely music

I played games
Looking for shades in deserts
My soul deserted
All the peace I had departed
My shadow
The only shade I could find
A water I could not drink
All I did was to shrink
And our friendship
A token I ignored

Out there in the cold
We sat
Legs apart
Our bodies dancing to the tune
Of the chilly waves that blew
Oh and I told you
In my boyish demeanor
Like I had recited
Shakespeare’s secret love letter
Here I dream of yesterday
Touching your cold hands
The look in your eyes
Like a little mermaid’s
I touched your chin
Then followed the grin
As if to say yes
But again no
Or better still
You don’t know  

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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