Sleeping Beauty

The world brands me a dark shade
Wounds I carry from the blood I shed
Torments from words they said
What covers my skin only a rag blend
I am broken
I cannot pretend
I feel like asking God
To refresh my life button and press resend

Who believeth I can make it?
Not even the sun can
All I dream of
Is a bright future in an empty jerican
Heavy, I lay laden
Waiting till when my water’s done
Battling to site heavenly manna
But am scorched, torn in rejecting manner
Put into blame, mean with beauty
I bet the world does not know me

They try to steal my spirit
The bond my God cemented me with Love
I am a million years behind sleek
But a pregnant man when I speak
Beauty is broken air
The moon borrows light from the sun
Without it, it is a tasteless bun
Beauty is not a true lie
That lies in the outward sty
It is a treasure within        

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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