Night In Night

A night of solitude visits
You sleep awake
Staring at the darkness

A night of tranquility
Engulfing your world
With a queer purity
In that moment of a thousand thoughts
Sailing into real fantasy
In complete incompleteness

A night I remember you
Shedding tears in a memory
Past shaded by cruel pain
I want to say
I love you
But I can’t

A night in night
Peaceful and still in sight
But with distortion inside
A stolen light
Only opened your eye
Love wasn’t what you hoped

A deep breath…  
Then uncertainty again
Builds traffic in your heart
You want …You don’t
You fear
To mend your broken affection

In the night at night
Darkness is all I see
But you in front of me    

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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