Kenyans For Kenya Charity Concert And Telethon

27th of August was a great day in Nairobi. We were getting together to raise funds for our dying brethren in northern Kenya. The famine has been biting and this meeting was a final show down to what has been a wonderful month of bidding to take responsibility of being a brother’s keeper. The charity concert, organized by several corporate houses, was full of glamour and pomp. I saw so many celebrities, most of whom I have never seen with my naked eyes. The entrance charge was Ksh.100 only and that was an event worth attending.

What touched me most was the urge Kenyans had to come together to just contribute the little they could in order to raise to the tally the amount which had already been raised by corporate groups and other individuals. In the end, about Kshs. 600,000,000 was raised. That was a strong initiative that run through  the whole of August.

Kenyans of all walks of life came out. It had been a chilly morning but the numbers kept on growing. The sun had come out by 2pm and our musicians made it even warmer. I loved every bit, keeping at the back of my mind that somebody was going to get help and live a bit longer through what was unfolding in front of me. I learned great lessons from the whole initiative and it was a strong message to the world and especially to our political leaders, that we are a strong nation full of citizens who can be united by a major cause, and that we can stand on our own, both young and old.

I would love to thank everyone who took part in this exercise. So many people spent sleepless nights to make sure that fellow Kenyans were getting food. Others left their families in order to work with others just to offer their support. It was so beautiful. What I saw was just great, and am really hoping that Kenyans would live in one peace, in the same spirit they have shown in August. We would be a greater nation and I am proud to have been part of it. I love you, Kenya.

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