Sugar Woes

Sugar prices in Kenya go for Ksh.200 for a kilogram, and even more in some places. That’s about $3. Now that’s a lot of money, at least for sugar. There is a lot of politics going around concerning the current shortage, but that’s not what I would like to indulge in. Am just thinking, how are the poor expected to survive with such prices? If a loaf of bread now goes for Ksh.40, that’s Ksh.280 per week for a family which consumes only one per day. It keeps you asking, just what is happening to our economy?

I am thinking about the people living in rural areas and those in the slums, it’s a far cry. Life isn’t better in the city either. Only the rich feel no pinch.  I sure don’t know just how long the situation is going to breathe, but I am hoping that somebody will do something real quick, because very soon, Kenyans will stop having the breakfast they are used to. That will be sad.

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