Gor Mahia Vs AFC Leopards : A Derby Of All Sorts!!

The thrilling atmosphere in the Nyayo National Stadium.Sunday 24th July 2011Selenga celebrates netting the second goal for Gor

Kenyan football is on the rise.If by any chance you doubt that,the Gor Vs AFC derby will certainly make you think again.The atmosphere inside the Nyayo National Stadium on Sunday was absolutely marvelous.It blew my mind away.The fans came out in numbers,singing songs to mock each other.Contrary to past games when there had to be a fight when these two sides met,it was a case of fan interaction,love and dedication.I was emotional to see those wonderful scenes in the pitch.I was proud to be Kenyan.

The game was fast from the beginning to the final whistle.I don’t remember seeing the ball still.It had to be in the middle if not on either sides of the teams’ goal posts.But Gor Mahia did most of the attacking.They finished it with a remarkable ball possession of 74% to AFC Leopards’ 26%.They played with zeal and momentum.The crowd blazed the stadium with team chants…and when the goals came,you would think the world was coming to an end.

I enjoyed every bit of it.I want to see more of that in Kenyan football.That was a great game.

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