Love is air
We breathe it to stay alive
You have a cover neat
Life so sweet
The love you give
The blessing I receive
You own me wholly
Can’t live indeed
To forget our merry moments

I enjoy my life
When my touch washes you
Up your feelings
And my libido
And you at a crescendo
Ascending the sweetness
Of a well deserved love
And the softness of your breasts
And the beginning
Of the middle of your legs
A watery place

‘Tis love in the disguise of love
That my stick turns its direction
To the left of my trousers
Whenever I touch your body
Whenever your sexy eyes look at me
In the sighs you make
When I touch the soft spots
You are the love I drink
The passion I dream

This book I write
To remember your beautiful face
That grows sweet
Everyday I see you
To remember your sumptuous thighs
That made my hands high
And the thrill
The appealing skill,in your kisses
That changed my heart for good
It all begun in a garden
In a paradise called Eden
‘Tis love in the disguise of love
Enjoyable to read Luviticus

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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  • de genious ouxs

    (August 2, 2011 - 4:52 pm)

    luvitucus is pure and deep lov

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