Behind, A Woman

The world spat all my courage
I remained,a defeated log
Shrunk,like a defeated lot
No,I didn’t die
But yes,I did cry
When love
Like a big phone in the streets
Was robbed of me
Heartlessly in my youth

Some people think
You can’t love when you’re young
I wander
With a tired heart
So alone

Behind,a woman
I so loved to death
Yes,I loved her till I died
Oh,a lovely death
Whisked away my breath
With a twinkle
She authored me
Her heart’s nakedness
Never to any other man

Behind,she lays
Now a mother of three
Divorced with no fee
Dispatched from the world,
But still my love
No one to steal my love
No one

Post Author: Eric Onyango Otieno

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