Are We Going To Make it?

The institution of marriage is under a serious crisis.Even the deaf know what’s happening in Kenya today.Just the other day,we lost Samuel Wanjiru in a very unfashionable way,and talent just died away..just like that.Now,three people have come from nowhere to claim that they fathered him.And the mother..well…let’s not even go there.So even the personality nominated for the post of Chief Justice is divorced.It’s not a new thing to hear that..but it has me wondering,has marriage lost it’s meaning?

I have grown up in a home where my parents did a lot of fighting,irrespective of whether we,the children were around or not.And they still argue in front of us to date.Images of them hustling each other to the wall,holding knives at each other still live fresh in my mind.I am the first-born in a family of three.No matter how much I try to forget these things,they keep sticking harder.

I want to do things differently,but just from what I have seen in my home,I almost fear marriage.Just the other day,a local journalist was strangled in her bedroom allegedly by his husband.When children grow up to learn what became of their dead parents in such circumstances,how are they expected to handle their own relationships?It makes me feel like the world could end any time from now, and believe me you..we are heading for a close down.

The church itself has done little to help.Is it that people take too little time to get to know each other?It’s sure rampant in young couples now.When things go like this,does it show a reflection of their up bringing?And what about we,the children,just how do we face life after going through all this at such a tender age?

It’s disturbing that I don’t have a close relationship with my parents enough to make us discuss anything about my love life.First of all,they don’t have time for that.And when they argue,they want you to take sides.

I am getting old,and I am approaching that age.I am not alone.Are we going to make it?

We need grace.

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