Our Sorry State


I love Kenya.It is my place of birth,my motherland.23 years I’ve spent inside here,there is nowhere else I call home.If this is what I feel for her,I wonder the magnitude of the depth of the undying patriotic spirit our freedom fighters had.The people who relentlessly fought for our freedom,the Kenyan freedom.

It’s a pity that our political leaders have not lived up to the worth of that struggle.Today,Kenya,with her beauty, is divided along tribal lines.Every ethnic group wants to be the one calling the shots.It has come to an unfortunate state judging from the events that took place in the 2007/2008 post-election violence.I almost lost a very close uncle.The cameras captured him dropping from a matatu trying to evade the charged youth.His story is quite intriguing,but you know,I learnt some very important lessons from it.Life is too precious to joke around with.

See now we are heading for 2012.The political heat is soaring high already.I don’t know whether to be afraid of the unknown.From what I’ve heard from the likes of one of our deputy prime ministers and a few other members of parliament,I can’t really tell.

The tormenting pictures of what befell us three years ago are still fresh in my mind.That was not Kenya.That was another country I don’t know.While the youth are the work force to such like atrocities,some mean persons take advantage of the situation to better their political ambitions.

I never trust a politician.I loathe the Kenyan politician.He gives me no reason to like him.He divides me from the people I live with,and still has the guts to laugh with me and beg me for an election,and sometimes a re-election.

I am tired of seeing my people fighting over issues they could do better to solve peacefully.People fight for their leaders,not for themselves.So you can imagine what will happen if the leaders are the wrong people.That is as well synonymous to the death of a wonderful nation.

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